Intelligent Marketing Solutions

Founded in 2014, Halmyre is a team of multidisciplinary marketing strategy consultants who deliver intelligent marketing support to our clients. Through the marriage of the ability to think independently and the experience to “do” effectively, we help clients spark growth for short- and long-term success.

As your marketing strategy partners, we support classic marketing strategies across the full Marketing Ecosystem with integrated customer-centric service design, data intelligence, creative insight and marketing execution.

Meet Your Marketing Strategy Partners

We are partners with our clients.  Our strength comes from collaborating with clients and with each other in solving our client’s marketing problems.

While we each have our own marketing specialties and focuses, we put that multidisciplinary thinking, experience, energy and enthusiasm to work as a brain trust for our clients.

Christine Saunders
Christine Saunders, President
Strategic planning and corporate advisory
Ursula Green
Ursula Green, Vice President
Customer-centric research and design
David Lloyd
David Lloyd, Vice President
Data intelligence, program and service design
Claire Elder
Claire Elder, Marketing Automation Coordinator
Promotions and client coordination
Kris Knox
Kris Knox, Director, Client Partnerships
Client partnerships
Susan Laspa
Susan Laspa, Director, Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy and planning
Elizabeth Joseph
Elizabeth Joseph, Marketing Services Manager
Devan Carmino
Devan Carmino, Marketing Services Manager
Christine James
Christine James, Vice President
Tricia Tollins
Tricia Tollins, Digital Marketing Manager

Our Four Principles Of Marketing Consultation

  1. Our partnership is free of traditional agency confines and constraints. You can trust that our recommendations are unbiased and have the integrity of our honest analysis.
  2. Multidisciplinary thinking paired with a positive outlook is essential in articulating and solving intricate marketing problems.
  3. Future-minded planning, measuring, and managing of solid marketing programs is key to building momentum that will last.
  4. We respect that no one will ever know your business better than you, which means that collaboration is essential.

Every business is unique, each dealing with different intricacies, politics, institutional history, budget limitations, shareholders, stakeholders and more.

We bring a seasoned, pragmatic problem-solving mindset to help our clients grow and evolve in a way that works for them.

Corporate Responsibility

At Halmyre, our approach to corporate social responsibility is rooted in four core concepts:

  1. Ethics are fundamental:
    Each consultant at Halmyre is a valued and respected partner with a strong commitment to integrity and quality. We believe in treating others fairly and honestly, whether they are colleagues, clients or external partners. That’s our starting point and it underpins everything we do. This is reinforced by our membership in the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and our adherence to the CMA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.
  2. Sustainability is an ongoing goal:
    We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental load. We employ a remote-based operating model keeping us off the road, out of traffic (we like that a lot) and away from the pumps. We leverage technology wherever possible to decrease our need to travel. While we make a heavy marketing impact, we leave a light footprint.
  1. Giving back to our community is essential:
    We're proud to give back to our community in time, talent and treasure. We have assisted many not-for-profit organizations including the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Progress Place. We believe in helping organizations by sharing our expertise so they can effectively help their audiences.
    Feed Ontario Giving back to our community
  2. Striving for improvement is an unwavering commitment:
    At Halmyre we are committed to improvement and strive to be more efficient and effective in every aspect of what we do, including corporate social responsibility. We constantly look for newer, lighter and more efficient ways to work. We continue to look for positive ways to give back to our community. We believe this is the path to lasting prosperity.

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