Your marketing strategy partners

Our story

Founded in 2014, Halmyre is a team of multidisciplinary consultants helping clients solve marketing strategy problems.

Originally named The Marketing Strategy Group, we have evolved from developing classic marketing strategies to supporting integrated thinking with customer-centric service design, data intelligence, creative insight and marketing execution.



Strategy to planning to execution

Halmyre is a strategic extension to your marketing team, no matter how big or small that team is.

We are the partners to whom you can entrust those things that need a bit of a push forward, a fresh perspective or just more attention than you have the capacity to give:

  1. Advisory services: for your organization
    Executive consultation — guidance on business, customers, strategy, resources, plans, data intelligence and more.
  2. Program services: evolving your marketing management capacity
    Design, development, and management of comprehensive brand, engagement, acquisition, retention and customer journey programs.
  3. Marketing services: seeing the plans through end to end
    Support services as you require — creative, digital, content, advertising, communications, data and insightful reporting.

Our strategy

At Halmyre we nurture the fundamentals of your marketing too often overlooked by traditional agencies.

  • Value proposition research and development
  • Persona-driven, quantified marketing and customer-centric research
  • Customer and product service design for meaningful engagement
  • Brand and integrated marketing and communications planning
  • Board-ready marketing strategies to drive your organization forward
  • Executive communications and thought leadership
  • Realistic data strategies to generate insights every day
  • End to end boutique creative agency service


“Data intelligence is a must for good marketing. It’s the accounting of marketing —
it keeps everyone on track.”

-David Lloyd



Meet your marketing
strategy partners


We are partners with our clients.

While we each have our own marketing specialties and focuses, we put that multidisciplinary thinking, experience, energy and enthusiasm to work as a brain trust for our clients.

Halmyre_team portraits_webChristine.jpg

Christine Saunders, President
Strategic planning and corporate advisory

Halmyre_team portraits_webDavid .jpg

David Lloyd, Vice President
Data intelligence, program and service design

Halmyre_team portraits_webUrsula.jpg

Ursula Green, Vice President
Customer-centric research and design

Halmyre_team portraits_webJeff.jpg

Jeffrey Hernandez, Account Director
Marketing services, content and creative

Halmyre_team portraits_webRichard.jpg

Richard Gasee, Director
Strategic initiatives, promotion and digital

Halmyre_team portraits_webRebecca.jpg

Rebecca Connors, Marketing Coordinator
Research, planning, copy and support


How can we help you?

Please get in touch with your marketing problems, challenges and opportunities.

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