Halmyre Marketing Ecosystem

How should a business organize its approach to marketing today? Halmyre's Marketing Ecosystem™ provides an overview of the five fundamental organizing principles for designing, implementing and sustaining a marketing strategy and plan in today's economy.
Put simply, the five elements of the Marketing Ecosystem are what every business leader should command to translate a corporate or organizational strategy into an effective marketing strategy and marketing plan.
The five elements of the Marketing Ecosystem are:
  1. Value Proposition. What is it? Is it clear? Are you communicating it clearly?
  2. Service Design. How do you create service delivery in this self-serve, “always-on” mobile world? Are you frustrating or delighting your audiences with every click?
  3. Data Intelligence. How strong is yours? Is marketing delivering true results – beyond simple open rates and site visit counts? Remember, you measure what you manage.
  4. Creative Strategy. Do you have a stable, thoughtful, strategically aligned creative strategy that uses words and images to convey your value proposition at every turn? Your potential ROI on this item should not be underestimated.
  5. Content and Promotions. Are they planned and aligned to reach, persuade and influence your audiences? Do they deliver the best ROI for your business?
Our strategic methodology is based on helping our clients to identify the right mix of priorities among these five marketing strategies. This enables clients to grow their capacity as an organization permanently and over time.
Each client is unique. Developing their own Marketing Ecosystem will ensure long-term resilience.

From Strategy to Planning to Execution

Halmyre is a strategic extension of your marketing team, no matter how big or small that team is. Because our aim is to help you achieve your goals, collaboration is key.

Sometimes we're a coach, providing advice as your team runs the race. Sometimes we're a player-coach, playing alongside you in the transition from strategy to action and showing new ways to manage your plan. Sometimes you may need extra resources and specialists to get the job done – our team will jump in to get the project to your audiences on time.

Advisory– providing executive marketing strategy consultation
Guidance on business, customers, strategy, resources, plans, data intelligence, digital strategy and more.

Program – evolving your marketing consulting management capacity
Design, development and management of comprehensive brand, engagement, acquisition, retention, web and customer journey programs.

Marketing – seeing your plans through end to end
Support services as required: creative, digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, targeted and customized content, advertising, communications, data and insightful reporting.
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