North America’s Leading Marketing Strategy Consultancy for Not-for-Profits

Halmyre are marketing strategy partners to your team, no matter how big or small. And we specialize in all types of not-for-profits, from associations to regulators, from cooperative to charitable foundations, we understand your legal context, your views on revenue, and the complexity of your stakeholder and “frenemy” environments that you work in.

And we can help you grow: in your membership, revenue, influence, reach and impact.

We work across North America and help not-for-profits of all kinds to

  • Deliver a unique value proposition
  • Maximize all sources of revenue
  • Create positive customer experiences
  • Help you focus on what is important to your success
  • Understand your resourcing, budget and expect ROI

How exactly do we do that? Take a look here for a detailed look at our service offerings.

Halmyre’s team is knowledgeable and able to quickly make a significant impact. Don't take our word for it, spend 68 seconds listening to one of Halmyre’s clients:

Unifying Our Value Proposition

Partnering with our Team

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