In these turbulent times, remote work is a new reality for many of us, but it’s one that takes some getting used to. When the world around you is a bit chaotic, a level head will prevail.

Use this opportunity to take stock and get back to your fundamentals. That’s exactly what we, as marketing strategy consultants, at Halmyre are doing.

Maybe your kids are at home for the next two or more weeks and your organization has mandated you to work at home. That combination is challenging even for the most focused individuals, and it’s not always easy to conduct online virtual meetings in these unusual times. I am reminded of parents at home circulating methods for cleaning your house with your kids during these difficult times.

So Halmyre has a strategy to use this unusual time to help our clients prepare to hit the ground running once the situation shifts and we go back to the normal course of business.

Buckle down on the fundamentals: strategy, measurement and content. Wondering where to start?

1. Take the time to measure your customer journey maps

1.     Times when other parts of your job are quiet are an opportunity to think through your use cases. How do you want people to use your digital experience?

  • Is your website structured for the optimum customer journey?
  • Are your interactions more than two clicks deep?
  • Do your form submission structures provide the expected levels of interaction?

Customer journeys

These days, your brand is only as strong as your customer experience. When was the last time you did a detailed “inventory” of your customer journey maps? They are a super-helpful fundamental tool that organizes and prioritizes all the ways to move from frustrating your customers to delighting them.

As research and advisory firm Gartner states, “By understanding and building the ‘as is’ journey that your customers and their data say it is, you will be able to provide, build and innovate the experiences that are needed to deepen your relationship with them.”

2. Take control of your data

2.     Review your analytics and dig down and evaluate your data based on the following criteria:

  • Are you actively measuring to your KPIs?
  • Have you differentiated meaningful journeys from trivial?
  • Do you comply with your internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?
  • Can you effectively measure your ROI?
  • Are you successfully tracking to provide insight into your decision-making matrix?

Analytics for your ROI

If you can’t measure your marketing then it is a cost centre. Now’s the time to do the work to turn your marketing into an ROI centre… here’s how:

  • Create a solid foundation – how strong is your value proposition?
  • Plan your measurement and reporting strategy – are your tools set to work as effectively as possible?
  • Reset to maintain accountability – is your CRM reporting on the right metrics?

Download our Membership Insights Action Plan fact sheet.

3. Don’t panic if you have to suddenly change your content strategy, marketing plans and promotion plans

Mine your existing content for re-editing and repurposing – can you make it work harder for you? Can you reuse or extend to your social media platforms? Stretching your marketing dollar in hard times saves you time and money and allows you to focus on your team and other important areas.

Content and promotions

With the cancellation of events, for some organizations there is a large void in the 2020 marketing tactics, specifically your content and promotions bucket. Options are available to shift events to a virtual platform or redirect your marketing content and promotions. This is the time to double down and look at your digital marketing strategies and develop a plan.

What to do with this information today

Taking this forced opportunity to focus on your fundamentals will make you stronger when we collectively emerge from this unprecedented situation.

Stay safe, stay inside and, of course, stay connected!

About Ursula Green

Halmyre Vice-President Ursula Green is a chief experience officer and is deeply committed to working for our clients' clients. She is an expert in strategic customer-centric service design, analysis and ideation. Ursula is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association 2020--21 Customer Experience Council. Ursula has worked for a wide range of brands from household names such as BMW, Mastercard, Home Depot and Canon to service-based organizations such as Women's College Hospital and Confederation College. 

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