March 26, 2020

Halmyre’s Finding #TimeToGive to Help the Most Vulnerable in Our Communities


To our friends, colleagues, and peers,

Halmyre is an intelligent marketing solutions company. Like all professional services firms, we sell our time for a living. It is a business model that underscores the value of time and how to make the most of it.

As a small business owner I am naturally concerned about the health of our business. Our team is working harder than ever to prepare for an economic slowdown. We’d be foolish not to.

But many others right now have received sudden and critical shocks to their daily lives. Whole industries have ground to a halt, and so many jobs have simply evaporated. We are not blind to the fact that we are – for now – in a more privileged position. For that reason alone, we cannot stand idly by. It’s #TimeToGive.

The business community is rallying to convert facilities and re-purpose product. So what is our contribution? Our product is our skills, know-how and talent; we can give our time. 

Halmyre is donating 10% of our billable time to charities

For as long as our business has “two feet and a heartbeat,” Halmyre will donate 10% of our weekly billable time to help all of us through this immediate situation, together. We will focus on community front lines, which demonstrate amazing care and compassion every day. These organizations are the food banks that stabilize, the community hubs that connect, and the sanctuaries giving comfort and protection, to name but a few.

Halmyre is proud to announce that we are already taking a hands-on, sleeves-up role to help ease the burden at two great community organizations. We are partnering with

  • Feed Ontario to raise money and donations to keep food on the table for Ontarians – more now than ever, and
  • Progress Place, a vital daily “home” for more than 300 people who have severe and persistent mental health issues.

We think these organizations are unseen heroes, so we will share updates with you on social media. They’re worth a spotlight.

But we want to go a step further, and we need your help.

Do you have #TimeToGive? A Challenge to our Professional Services Peers

Halmyre is launching our own #TimeToGive commitment today and we invite our business peers in professional services to join us in donating their skills, know-how and talents, rather than just making the usual financial donation.

The specific challenge:

  • Focus on charities in towns and cities that support the invisible, vulnerable communities most affected by the health and economic situation we find ourselves in.
  • Commit to giving four billable hours per week of each employee’s professional skills, know-how and talent to help ease the burden or advance the cause of a charity working to hold our community together.

Can you do it? Visit and make your commitment.

We challenge you to help those fighting the good fight do it better, faster and with a little more ease. Our time is valuable not because it’s what we all sell, but because of how we choose to use it.

How else can you help?

Spread the word by using the #TimeToGive hashtag on social media to rally the professional services community.

All of us are clients, colleagues or neighbours to a lawyer, accountant, web developer, marketer, researcher, financial planner or management consultant. Ask them if they have #TimeToGive.

I will close by thanking the team at Halmyre, who are coming together with energy and vigour. I am so proud to be with them in these challenging times.

Now let’s all get to work and find some #TimeToGive.



Christine Saunders

President & Founder


About Christine Saunders

Halmyre President Christine Saunders is a marketing consultant to service-based organizations, a strategic advisor to marketing executives and leaders, an entrepreneur and a hobby farmer. Prior to founding Halmyre in 2014, Christine owned a traditional integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in financial services, public services and not-for-profits. Her education is in politics, ethics and philosophy, and she is a proud Maritimer despite living in Upper Canada today.

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