This week we talked to Richard Gasee, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Halmyre. Richard has a background in the entertainment industry and brings this to Halmyre through promotionally minded marketing initiatives. His role focuses on campaign planning and analysis. 

Halmyre is composed of an interesting and diverse mix of people. Each brings a unique background and focus to the company that contributes to our integrated, multidisciplinary approach to marketing. 


Position Title

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Marketing strategy, analytics, media buying, and digital marketing

Top Tech 

Professional: Google Analytics and Google Ads

Personal: Uber Eats, Netflix, Twitter

Deserted Island Food: 

A club sandwich or sushi pizza


What inspired you to get into marketing? 

For me, marketing strikes the perfect balance between creativity and practicality. 

I was far too practical and analytical to have pursued a career in the arts or as a writer. Plus, I lacked any kind of discernable artistic talent. In marketing, I enjoy being confronted with real-world problems and coming up with creative solutions that have a practical, measurable impact. 

What's the best advice you've received in your career? 

I've always liked this poem by Emily Dickinson: 

        Tell all the Truth but tell it slant - 

        Success in Circuit lies 

        Too bright for our infirm Delight 

        The Truth's superb surprise - 

        As Lightning to the Children eased 

        With explanation kind 

        The Truth must dazzle gradually 

        Or every man be blind

How would you describe your role on the Halmyre team? 

My job has a strong focus on analysis. I spend much of my time planning and executing campaigns for clients, and then measuring results - diving deep into the data. I think where I add value is by translating the raw numbers into meaningful insights to share with clients, helping them connect the dots, refine the strategy, and see tangible improvements in achieving their business goals. 

If you could help Halmyre's clients achieve one thing this year, what would it be? 

Clients often feel anxious about marketing, feeling there are important things they should be doing or that they don't know enough about. 

I want to help clients feel they do have a solid understanding, especially in digital marketing. Even if they aren't going to become hands-on experts, I want clients to feel plugged into the digital world and comfortable enough to ask the right questions of their partners and to understand whether they are getting the right answers. 

How do you recharge or reset? 

I play tennis or go for a swim whenever I can, and I shamelessly cheer for the home team (Go Raps! #WeTheNorth). 

I am also a bit of a history nerd and will happily get lost discovering obscure bits of ancient trivia (Did you know that Columbus never set foot in continental North America?!). Researching the history of my own family's immigration to Canada has inspired me recently to go volunteer with Rainbow Railroad, which helps LBGTQ people facing danger or persecution in other countries to settle safely in Canada. I'm a news junkie and like to keep up with what's going on in the world, but it can be distressing. Volunteering to help a refugee is one practical way I can respond and express my gratitude for living in Canada. 

Do you have a favourite travel destination? 

I prefer to spend my travel time exploring an old city or hiking around a waterfall or some ancient ruins, rather than lying on a beach. My favourite trip of all time was to Nepal. I spent several days exploring Kathmandu with kids from a local orphanage as my only tour guides. And hiking in the Himalayas is awe-inspiring, even in the rainy season. 

About Claire Elder

Halmyre Marketing Assistant Claire Elder applies her detail-oriented focus and enthusiasm for writing to Halmyre's internal marketing and administrative projects. She is educated in communication studies, business and psychology and is excited to soak up everything the marketing world has to offer. Her previous experience includes writing for an online food publication, marketing for an LED light brand and working in her university's archives. Claire is a health fanatic and foodie who loves being active and testing new healthy recipes.

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