For this issue of the Spotlight Series, we chatted with Halmyre’s newest team member, Vanessa Hutchinson. Vanessa has a background in science and brings her skills to Halmyre through a focus on marketing solutions and digital promotion.

Halmyre is composed of an interesting and diverse mix of people. Each brings a unique background and focus to the company that contributes to our integrated, multidisciplinary approach to marketing. 


Position Title

Director, Marketing Solutions


Marketing solutions & digital promotion

Top Tech 

Excel, Sprout Social, Adobe Creative Suite

Currently Reading 

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Currently Listening To

Tropical House tracks – they're my go-to upbeat productivity playlist 

Deserted Island Food 

Anything spicy... or mango with coconut sticky rice

Favourite Travel Destination

Southeast Asia

One Word to Describe Me 



What inspired you to get into marketing? 

I went to university thinking that I wanted to be a doctor, and about two years into my BioSci undergrad, I had an epiphany – I really didn’t like it. Biochemistry and molecular bio were just not my calling. I met with a guidance counsellor, who suggested that I had already invested so much time in the required courses that I may as well finish it up with good enough grades to attend a grad school in something that I enjoyed more.

I graduated with an honours BioSci degree, and if I thought that was tough – the next step, figuring out what I did want to do – well, that may have been even tougher. I evaluated what I did with my free time, where I volunteered, where I willingly and happily chose to spend my energy. Turns out, I enjoyed and had a knack for event planning, communications and the burgeoning field of social media. I had been sitting on charitable committees planning annual fundraisers, marketing the causes and developing Facebook campaigns. To my surprise, it appeared that marketing had been right under my nose the whole time. After an internship with Chatelaine magazine to test out my hypothesis, I decided I needed to pursue some formal education, which landed me taking my MBA, Strategic Marketing at McMaster University.

If I learned anything from my science degree, it’s that you can never prove a hypothesis to be 100% correct. That said, 10 years later I’m happy to report in: hypothesis “generally accepted as true.” I am still just as dazzled as on Day 1 of my MBA by the endless learning potential of marketing in today’s world.

How do you recharge or reset? 

I’m lucky to live on a lake, so I try to spend as much time as possible soaking in a healthy dose of vitamin D. Kayaking, boating and golfing (no one said I had to be good at these things, right?), all preferably in the company of friends and/or family, balance out my week.

What's the best advice you've received in your career? 

"Never accept work where you're not learning – from an MBA professor of mine in my last semester. This has stayed with me and guided my career decisions for the better.

If you could help Halmyre's clients achieve one thing this year, what would it be?

I would like to help clients level up their strategy. We tend to work with smart people at clever organizations, so often we’re not starting from scratch on strategic planning. Each client is different, so tuning up a strategy to really drive impact or finding new opportunities for clients in unique ways is a challenge that I find fulfilling.

Name one thing on your bucket list. 

Not having a bucket list means no associated worries, stresses and strains; we have enough of that in our lives organically! I prefer to channel that energy into continually doing the things that I’m passionate about, learning skills that are fulfilling (circle back to the aforementioned poor golf game), challenging myself to be and do better, and always planning my next trip.

About Claire Elder

Halmyre Marketing Assistant Claire Elder applies her detail-oriented focus and enthusiasm for writing to Halmyre's internal marketing and administrative projects. She is educated in communication studies, business and psychology and is excited to soak up everything the marketing world has to offer. Her previous experience includes writing for an online food publication, marketing for an LED light brand and working in her university's archives. Claire is a health fanatic and foodie who loves being active and testing new healthy recipes.

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