Halmyre’s internship promised mentorship and guidance through immersion in day-to day activities, as well as opportunities to learn and practise new writing skills. These were the aspects that compelled me to apply for the internship, and two months later I can say that Halmyre delivered; I’ve certainly learned a lot.


As someone who consumes media daily, I thought writing for Twitter and LinkedIn would come naturally. I soon learned, however, that scrolling through Instagram does not qualify a social media writer. I also discovered that being an English student is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to writing for social media; when I started at Halmyre I was essentially trying to write essays for Twitter.


The Halmyre team (aka the Halmyre Exchange) put great effort into helping me improve my social media writing skills. I was taught how to cut unnecessary content and jargon, and the team encouraged me to think of quick content that would engage a wide audience. I was also reminded to “remember our audience” when writing. I practised adjusting our content for our audiences on both Twitter and LinkedIn, and I got experience in directing the creation of graphics. Overall, I was given a good balance of instruction and freedom to create.


I became familiar with the social media software Sprout Social, used to schedule posts and gather statistics, such as the number of engagements and impressions a particular post receives. Through trial and error, we learned that we receive our highest engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn posts with video content. We also had success with posts that referred to events and holidays, which to me shows the importance of community-building on social media.


Throughout the internship, I worked with Claire Elder, our Marketing Assistant, to develop the Halmyre’s Top 5 weekly email blast, for which I researched business trends and created a captivating email for our community. Not only did I learn about current marketing, business and economic events, I also had an opportunity to use Hubspot marketing and sales software. I learned how to implement A/B testing and analyze email performance. Claire and I made changes to the email every week, analyzing the open rates and click rates for hints on what should be edited for next week’s issue.


Through working closely with the team I learned that marketing, for Halmyre, is a personal affair. I was able to reach out to some of our clients and receive responses within the hour, and while assisting with some projects I witnessed the care that Halmyre puts into these partnerships. I was lucky to work closely with team members and to feel their support for me throughout. They trusted me to work on a wide range of projects so that I could learn about every aspect of the business.


Over the course of the internship I learned and improved many skills: data input and analysis, research, graphic design and social media content writing. I practised writing for a particular audience, and I began to notice small details that I initially overlooked. My new writing skills in particular will be an asset in my final year of university, and all other learnings will be useful over the course of my career. I’ve come out of this internship with a great appreciation for marketing – and a long list of acronyms I can use to impress at dinner parties.

About Hannah Van Den Bosch

Halmyre Marketing and Communications Intern Hannah van den Bosch is a writing and editing enthusiast. She applies her education in english and contemporary studies to written projects for the Halmyre team. Hannah recently published her undergraduate thesis, and has experience editing for The Capilano Review and Verso: Dalhousie's Journal of Literary Criticism. 

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