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Corporate responsibility

At Halmyre, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is rooted in four core concepts:

Ethics are fundamental — Each consultant at Halmyre is a valued and respected partner with a strong commitment to integrity and quality. We believe in treating others fairly and honestly, whether they are colleagues, clients or external partners. That’s our starting point and it underpins everything we do. This is reinforced by our membership with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and our adherence to the CMA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.

Sustainability is our ongoing goal — We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental load. We employ a remote-based operating model keeping us off the road, out of traffic (we like that a lot) and away from the pumps. We leverage technology wherever possible to decrease our need to travel. While we make a heavy marketing impact, we leave a light footprint.

Giving back to our community — We're proud to give back to our community in time, talent and treasure. We have assisted many not-for-profit organizations including Ontario Association of Food Banks, Progress Place and more. We believe in helping organizations by sharing our expertise so they can effectively help their audiences.  


Always striving for improvement — At Halmyre we are committed to improvement and strive to be more efficient and effective in every aspect of what we do, including CSR. We constantly look for newer, lighter and more efficient ways to work. We continue to look for positive ways to give back to our community. We believe this is the path to lasting prosperity.

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