Your marketing strategy partners

Do you want an agency that does what you ask?
Or a partner that thinks about what you need?

    We collaborate with service-based organizations of all sizes from across North America with marketing problems that don’t fit neatly into traditional agency solutions.

    Halmyre is a positive statement for helping clients identify, articulate and activate their marketing fundamentals with greater clarity.



    “It is a mistake to think that marketing is just advertising. It is so much more.
    It is the true engine of business growth.”

    -Christine Saunders, President 



    Our clients

    At Halmyre, we seek to collaborate with clients who have ambitious goals for their organization. They want to change, evolve, to do it differently and achieve more. To be better.

    Our clients come from a range of industries and verticals:

    • Associations
    • Education, health care and public services
    • Complex and highly regulated industries
    • B2B and long-lead B2C
    • Not-for-profit and for-profit organizations


    Our brand promise

    To solve your marketing problems not only quickly and effectively, but with the long-term goals of your organization in mind.

    In collaboration with us, we want you to feel supported, guided, organized and prepared to achieve your goals.


    How can we help you?

    Please get in touch with your marketing problems, challenges and opportunities.

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