Halmyre continues to mark its 5th anniversary with a new tradition this Thanksgiving season.

To remember what this holiday is really about and put the giving back into thanks, we are providing 5 blank thank you cards to be shared by recipients with friends, colleagues and peers. Halmyre’s goal is to help “pay it forward” and pass on the spirit of Thanksgiving.

If you would like to order a set of cards to share in Halmyre’s Attitude of Gratitude this fall, please contact us.

“Gratitude is a state of mind both fundamental to Halmyre’s values but also for successful marketing,” says Halmyre founder and President, Christine Saunders. “When you’re grateful for what you have and who you spend time with you are open to new relationships, and that’s a fundamental success factor of all great marketing.”

Halmyre is committed to helping all of us take a few minutes this Thanksgiving season to focus on the people in our lives who we think are amazing. 

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