Congratulations Forum of Canadian Ombudsman.  

We are proud to announce that the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman (FCO) has been recognized for their exceptional achievements. We are grateful to have been invited to collaborate with them.

Award of Merit

Forum of Canadian Ombudsman: Refocusing on Value to Members

The Forum of Canadian Ombudsman creates best practices and standards for ombuds in all sectors.

FCO leadership decided it was time to re-focus, re-evaluate member value and to set the table to better serve the member, always asking the question “How is what we are proposing be viewed through the lens of the member”.

FCO collaborated with Halmyre to develop a value proposition strategy with a three-year strategic implementation plan. The strategic work led to clarity on audiences, what they valued and personas for key segments.

The immediate impact was growth in membership, improved retention and new non-dues revenue.

In addition, several innovations were introduced, from making a case for a new senior hire to new programs. The Board recognizes this as just the beginning of the journey and is moving forward toward new ideas for partner and sponsor revenue generation opportunities.

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