Congratulations to the teammates at Halmyre and Kaiser Lachance behind the Canadian Securities Administrators’ 2017 Binary Options Task Force campaign. The campaign won bronze at the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Achieving Communications Excellence (ACE) Awards on May 14, 2018.

In an effort to address the widespread risks associated with binary options scams, the integrated marketing and communications campaign encouraged Canadians to become aware of the risks and report any suspected fraudulent activity to campaign website Halmyre (formerly The Marketing Strategy Group) partnered with Kaiser Lachance for support on the media relations front, taking on content, paid media and social media in-house.


A national initiative, the bilingual campaign featured a spokesperson – a member of the public who had been personally affected by binary options fraud.

"Exceptional marketing and communications campaigns like this can only happen when clients are confident and ready to move forward. The Canadian Securities Administrators were fully committed to alerting the public about this risky issue and were tremendous partners in the process.”

— Christine Saunders, President, Halmyre

On the media relations front, the campaign generated 542 media stories and 166.6 million overall media impressions, with coverage in 10 provinces and 2 territories.

Since the campaign, binary options have been banned in Canada. If you come across binary options in the Canadian market, please notify your provincial or territorial securities commission via

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