Today, the team @ Halmyre launched the #TimeToGive campaign, a rallying cry to our professional services peers to join in and help those fighting the good fight on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

So many people right now have received sudden and critical shocks to their daily lives. Whole industries have ground to a halt, and jobs have simply evaporated. As a professional services firm, we are – if only temporarily – in a more privileged position. We cannot stand idly by. It’s #TimeToGive.

What we’re doing

Halmyre will donate 10% of our weekly billable time to help community front lines, which demonstrate amazing care and compassion every day. These organizations are the food banks that stabilize, the community hubs that connect, and the sanctuaries giving comfort and protection, to name but a few.

Halmyre is proud to announce that we are using our professional strategy, planning and marketing skills in a hands-on role to help two great community organizations. We are partnering with

  • Feed Ontario to raise money and donations to keep food on the table for Ontarians – more now than ever, and
  • Progress Place, a vital daily “home” for more than 300 people with severe and persistent mental health issues.

What you can do

We are asking our professional services community to join this effort by making #TimeToGive rather than just making the usual financial donation.

Our time is valuable not because it’s what we all sell, but because of how we choose to use it. Consider

  • Committing to giving four billable hours per week of each employee’s professional skills to ease the burden or advance the cause of a charity working to hold us together, and
  • Focusing on charities in towns and cities that support the invisible, vulnerable communities most affected by the health and economic situation we find ourselves in.

Visit to make your commitment.

How else can you help?

Spread the word by using the #TimeToGive hashtag on social media to rally the professional services community.

All of us are clients, colleagues or neighbours to a lawyer, accountant, web developer, marketer, researcher, financial planner or management consultant. Ask them if they have #TimeToGive.

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