Halmyre is a positive statement for helping organizations identify, articulate and manage their marketing fundamentals with greater clarity. Our motivation is seeing the impact of marketing strategy and a progressive planning approach on efficiency and results.

Why we’re rebranding

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve evolved from developing classic marketing strategies to supporting integrated thinking with customer-centric service design, data intelligence, creative insight and marketing execution. We now support our clients with this broad base of marketing fundamentals.

We are a team of multidisciplinary marketing consultants who have evolved in lockstep with our clients, and with each other. And because we will continue to grow our ability to think and act meaningfully for our clients, we are rebranding.

What’s changing?

Our name is changing. Our ability to provide personal support to solve your marketing problems is growing stronger. 


Our corporate structure and the people you deal with day-to-day are the same. 

Why “Halmyre”?

The name itself was selected through a formal rebranding process. It was first identified as an option by our founder, Christine Saunders, from her time abroad in student housing in Edinburgh. But it has provided us with the blank canvas we need to forge our identity together with our clients and partners.

To learn more about the naming of Halmyre, read our blog post.

When to call Halmyre

Please consider our team at Halmyre as a strategic extension to your marketing team, no matter how big or small that team is. We are the partners to whom you entrust those things that need a bit of a push forward, a fresh perspective or just more attention than you have the capacity to give.

Thank you

We are grateful for your business and partnerships. We look forward to solving more marketing problems together.

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