We are pleased to share that one of the foremost experts in continuing education is now part of the Halmyre Exchange. With his decades of experience in both marketing and developing learning curriculum, he will be an asset for us and our clients.

Stephen began his career in marketing at consultancies and agencies in Canada and the US. With the knowledge that came with experience he evolved into curriculum development. Here are a few highlights of his decades of experience:

  • Began career at Accenture’s “Strategic Services” in NYC as a Business Analyst and then Consultant; developed the first website benchmarking template for the consulting practice
  • 20+ years of senior client facing agency experience in New York and Toronto; including Toyota, Pfizer, Maple Leaf Foods, INTERAC, and Proctor & Gamble with product development at Cineplex
    Developed multichannel content marketing campaigns for new Toyota products as Head of Interactive at Saatchi & Saatchi Canada
  • Lead Certificate Developer & Instructor at the University of Toronto; recruited subject matter experts and instructors to create a three course certificate in “Multimedia Storytelling and Content Marketing”
  • Designed, developed and built the entire online Chartered Marketer two year integrated curriculum at the Canadian Marketing Association (Chartered Marketer Program)
  • Founding Member of D2L’s Instructional Design Advisory Council

We asked Stephen two questions:

Where do you find your love for marketing?

“After discovering a true passion for creating and teaching modern, interactive and engaging marketing curriculum at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, building a three course certificate program, I moved to the Canadian Marketing Association in 2018. There I designed, staffed, built and programmed the first professional marketing designation certificate program in Canada, the two year online Chartered Marketer (CM). Working with the CMA extended community including 26 Developers and Instructors with hundreds of subject matter experts, the program is thriving and receiving glowing testimonials from learners."

What most excites you about joining the Halmyre Exchange?

“I am thrilled to join Halmyre as the VP of Learning to continue improving the skills of marketing professionals in the US and Canada and developing new products and services to that end.”

Welcome, Stephen.

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